Our services

    • System Configuration and System Administration
    • Setup environment according to best practice (Dev, test, Master, UAT and Production)
    • Batch setup and optimization
    • Set up Alert, Cues,number sequences...
    • Aos setup and configuration ,Load balancing
    • Managing environments  Moving code between systems (XPO, Models and Model Store)
    • By Using Lifecycle Services we can support with: System diagnostics,License sizing estimator
    • Helps customer set up and use :Test Data Transfer Tool,Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF),Security Development Tool
    • Creating a development plan and estimating development timescales and organizing development into builds
    • General Standard ax customization (Gaps) and develop completely new data structures and code.
    • Identify and develop Integration with Application Integration Framework(AIF) or Data import/export framework (DIXF)
    • Security setup and security development.
    • Index and code Performance tuning by using Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics (DynamicsPerf)
    • Creating UAT scripts for testing.
    • By Using Lifecycle Services we can support with: Upgrade analysis and Customization analysis
  • As is quite common in any type of mission critical and involved project an additional layer of review, risk evaluation, and quality check is just what you need to help make sure the success of your project.

    Based on our extensive knowledge we provide a proactive technical services where you can acquire whole or part of as follows:

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    assess 2.small

Business hours

Monday - Friday
09.00am - 05.00pm